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Macnica Delivering Mpression MIPI® LCD Daughter Card For HSMC-Equipped FPGA Boards


YOKOHAMA, Japan (July 17, 2014) - Macnica Group, a leading global technical distributor for semiconductor and networking products, today announced release of its Mpression MIPI LCD Card. The card with a low power, high resolution TFT LCD connects with Altera® FPGA based development boards through HSMC connectors. Macnica is starting to ship the card from August 2014.

Macnica’s Mpression MIPI LCD Card is a daughter card to evaluate FPGA designs using a display. Using this card, a designer can evaluate FPGA designs using high resolution LCD for various embedded applications very easily.

The high resolution LCD from Ortus Technology features both the exceptional image quality and low power consumption users expect from today’s advanced LCDs. These features are beneficial for applications requiring both low power and high image quality such as business handheld terminals, broadcasting/video equipment, medical equipment, and surveillance systems.

The MIPI LCD Card is capable of accepting outside video and image stream from DVI port and converting the data to V-by-One HS to hand the data to the FPGA on the base board through the HSMC connector. After the data is processed in the FPGA using Northwest Logic’s MIPI DSI IP, it is output to the HSMC connector, then to the TFT LCD via Meticom’s MIPI D-PHY DSI transmitter IC.

The MIPI LCD Card can be connected to many base boards with HSMC connectors either from Altera or Mpression brand such as Helio, Beryll, Nitro and Hydra. The Mpression MIPI LCD Card is sold through Macnica’s worldwide network with Altera franchises in Japan, North America, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, ASEAN countries and India.


MIPI LCD Card featuresPart Number:   ALTHSMCMIPILCD
TFT LCD:   COM48H4M87ULC (Ortus Technology)
MIPID-PHYDSI Transmitter:   MC20002(Meticom)
DVI Receiver:   TFP401A(Texas Instruments)
V-by-One®HS Conversion: 
 THCV217(THine Electronics)
Input Interface:   DVI x 1
Other connector(s):   HSMC Connector x 1
Dimensions:   78mm x 156 mm
Deliverables:   MIPI LCD Card, Reference Designs, Manuals, Schematics
Schedule:   Start receiving orders: July 22, 2014 / Start shipping August 22, 2014 (Japan)              

Figure 1) MIPI LCD Card use case examples

Figure 2) MIPI LCD Card picture

Figure 3) MIPI LCD Card block diagram


*: HSMC - High Speed Mezzanine Card, a high speed adapter interface defined by Altera for connecting its development base boards and daughter cards, with connectors having 172 pins including 121 signal pins, 39 power pins and 12 ground pins.

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