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Macnica Releases Mpression HSMC Daughter Cards With Micrel Ethernet PHY Products


YOKOHAMA, Japan (July 31, 2014) - Macnica Group, a leading global technical distributor for semiconductor and networking products, today announced release of two of Mpression HSMC(*1) daughter cards using Micrel's Ethernet(*2) PHY products. Mpression 10/100M Ethernet Card (KGT100ENTCD) and Gigabit Ethernet Card (KGT1GENTCD) are both interface expansion daughter cards using Ethernet PHY products from Micrel, Inc. Both cards have HSMC connectors connecting easily to any base boards with HSMC connectors to enable the users to quickly start prototyping and evaluating FPGA designs using Ethernet interface.

The main parts on both cards including Ethernet PHY, LDO, and MEMS clock are all from Micrel. Micrel's Ethernet PHY products (KSZ8081MNXIA and KSZ9031MNXIA) have internal 1.2V regulator enabling the use of the parts with 3.3V single rail power supply. Also, their internal termination resistors eliminate the need for ones on circuit boards resulting to smaller space and lower cost. LDOs on these cards have high PSRR(*3) characteristics with auto discharge feature and small package. MEMS clock devices are more shock resistant compared with crystal oscillator, and feature high accuracy, low power and low price.

The Mpression HSMC Ethernet cards are sold primarily in Japan through Macnica Group companies (Kogent, Inc., Altima Corp., Elsena, Inc.) and Macnica Online Store ( As documentations and support structure are ready they will be sold outside of Japan through Macnica's worldwide network in North America, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, ASEAN countries and India.

Product details

Product Name Mpression 10/100M Ethernet Card Mpression Gigabit Ethernet Card
Ethernet PHY Micrel KSZ8081MNXIA Micrel KSZ9031MNXIA
Clock Micrel DSC1121DI1 (25MHz)
Connector HSMC compliant Samtec ASP-122952-01
Power 3.3V Supplied from HSMC connector Supplied from HSMC connector
2.5V Micrel MIC5366-2.5YC5 Micrel MIC5303-2.5YMT
1.2V N/A Micrel MIC37122YMT
Others Power LED x2 (2.5V, 3.3V), Status LED x2 (Link/Active, Speed)
Dimensions 78.105 x 80.0 mm
Schedules Start accepting orders: August 22, 2014, Start shipping: Late September, 2014 (Japan)

Picture and block diagram for 10/100Mbit Ethernet Card (KGT100ENTCD)


Picture and block diagram for Gigabit Ethernet Card (KGT1GENTCD)


Use case example

Using Mpression Ethernet HSMC Cards together with Mpression Nitro board (sold separately) you can evaluate FPGA designs using Ethernet interface as shown in the picture.


*1:HSMC (High Speed Mezzanine Card)
The high speed interface defined by Altera Corporation for evaluation kits released by Altera and its partner companies
"Ethernet" is a registered trade mark of Xerox Corporation in the United States and other countries.
*3:PSRR (power supply rejection ratio)
The amount of noise from a power supply that a particular device can reject (Wikipedia)