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Macnica entering Makers market with Mpression solutions for Makers

IoT shields and Bluetooth Smart module enable web engineers and designers quickly prototype Things


September 1, 2014, Yokohama - Macnica today announced the launch of Mpression for Makers sub-brand with release of IoT kits co-developed with Yukai Engineering Inc. as of September 2014.

Uzuki(TM) Sensor Shield and Koshian(TM) Bluetooth Smart module together makes a development kit for "Makers" aiming to develop wearable devices for IoT (Internet of Things) market by enabling quick prototyping without detailed hardware engineering.

Uzuki is a sensor shield connecting to Yukai's physical computing platform Konashi(TM) and Arduino series of boards.

Uzuki has 3 on-board environment sensors (3-axis accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensor, proximity luminescence and UV index sensor) to acquire various environmental data. The data from this shield can be directly accessed from smart phones through Konashi to develop applications using environmental data without soldering.

Koshian mounts Boradcom's WICED SMART SiP BCM20737S with Telec certification with an original firmware ported to be a Konashi compatible module. This connects with Konashi base board and Konashi mini as well as breadboards and universal wiring boards easily. By using Koshian, Makers can easily flow from prototyping to mass production phase of IoT products.

Macnica is showcasing these modules at ET2014 to be held in Yokohama and Maker Faire Tokyo2014 to be held in Tokyo.