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Gigabit Ethernet Card


Gigabit Ethernet Card (P/N: KGTGENTCD)

Gigabit Ethernet Card is a daughter card to use with base boards with Altera FPGAs to attain Gigabit Ethernet. This daughter card uses Micrel's Ethernet PHY, LDO, clock device and a HSMC connector. By connecting with an Altera FPGA based base board, FPGA designers can quickly start designs and evaluations using Gigabit Ethernet interface.


Main device: Micrel Ethernet PHY KSZ9031MNXIA
Clock device: Micrel CLK DSC1121DI1 (25MHz)
Power: 3.3V - Supplied from HSMC connector
2.5V - Micrel LDO MIC5303-2.5YMT
1.2V - Micrel LDO MIC37122YMT
Others: Power LED x2 (2.5V, 3.3V), Status LED x2 (Link/Active, Speed)
HSMC connector x 1

Use case example

By connecting Gigabit Ethernet Card with Mpression Nitro board (sold separately) using HSMC connector, a designer can start FPGA designs using Ethernet interface very quickly.

Block diagram