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This card is an FPGA Mezzanine Connector (FMC) daughter card that complies with HPC standard. By inserting this card into an FPGA evaluation board, you can evaluate high-speed serial transceivers of the FPGA by utilizing a variety of FPGA functions.
The evaluation board which has been verified to connect with this card so far is the Altera Arria® 10 GX FPGA development kit.

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 Product Specifications  SMP FMC CARD
 External Dimensions  69 mm x 115 mm
 Printed circuit board  8-layer MEGTRON6
 FMC  Samtec ASP-134488-01
 Power Supply  3.3 V from FMC
 Interface  SMP connector     Input x 10 pairs
 SMP connector     Output x 10 pairs
 Clock input          SMA x 2 pairs


Block Diagram

SMP FMC Card Block Diagram

Evaluation Example

 SMP FMC Card Transceiver Toolkit Loopback Design Block Diagram

Ordering Information

Product Name:SMP FMC CARD
Part Number: SMPFMCCD

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