Vx1 FMC Card


The V-by-One®HS is a leading-edge high speed interface technology which THine Electronics, Inc. developed and specified for Flat Panel Display markets. Implementing the V-by-One®HS Tx/Rx IP on to Intel® FPGAs that Mpression offers enables the FPGA based V-by-One® HS technology to offer higher frame rates and higher resolutions for FPDs. The IP has 2 kinds, the transmitter IP and the receiver IP. This makes it possible to reduce the cost considerably comparing with the conventional technology like LVDS.


Interface FMC Intel®+, FX16 connecter made by HIROSE ELECTRIC CO., LTD
Main devices Silicon Labs Si5338B, Si5317
Others Possible to connect the evaluation board via FMC Intel®+.
Support V-by-One HS IP core developed by Macnica.

Evaluation Environment Example


Block Diagram


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