Embedded Technology 2014

Yokohama, Japan
Start Date
End Date

Macnica is showcasing Mpression solutions and products at ET2014 to be held at Pacifico Yokohama from November 19 to 21, 2014.
The stands focus on demonstrations using Mpression solutions ranging from automotive systems using FPGAs to IoT wearable sensor solutions using wireless and sensor technologies.
The booth is zoned by 5 application focuses.

1. IoT Zone – Wearable and IoT applications and development support solutions

2. Display Zone – Flat Panel and Display development solutions

3. Automotive Zone – Solutions for automotive applications

4. SoC Zone – Processor and MCU solutions

  • Helio View Kit and Direct FB
  • H8S MCU core implementation on MAX10 FPGA

5. Network Zone – Connectivity and Industrial Networking protocols solutions

  • Nitro board and IF.HOTARU optical interconnect video transmission
  • CC-Link IE Industrial Ethernet IP interoperation
  • Beryll board and Ethernet AVB voice synchronization

Also held is a workshop session at Workshop Area on the show floor.

  • Effective Prototyping by Mpression Solutions
  • November 19, 4pm to 4:45