EH-Terminal is a wireless sensor terminal to monitor environmental data such as temperature, humidity and light level without the need to change batteries by adopting a solar cell optimized for room light and secondary battery. The sensor network systems for indoor applications had a barrier in wide adoption by the issues of battery life, maintenance cost and the limitation of placement locations. This EH-Terminal overcomes those issues by using Ricoh’s high-efficiency thin die-sensitized solar cell and Hitachi Maxell’s ultra-thin laminated battery, and enables long and reliable wireless communication in a very small package. The EH-Terminal uses Dust Networks for communication with core network to attain high reliability and low power, and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) for communication with wearable terminals.


  • Wireless Sensor for Indoor Use
  • Monitoring Temperature/Humidity/Light Level using PC
  • Thin Package by Using the Latest Features of Components
  • Easy Placement of Device Anywhere Including Walls


  • Die-Sensitized Solar Cell: Ricoh
  • Thin Secondary Battery: Hitachi Maxell
  • Wireless Communication (Core): Linear Technology - LTP5901IPC-IPMA
  • Wireless Communication (BLE): Broadcom - BCM20737S
  • Light Sensor: Texas Instruments - OPT3001
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensor: Silicon Laboratory - Si7021


(D) 115mm x (W) 63mm x (H) 13mm


Indoor Environmental Data Monitoring for Office, Home, Factory, Commercial Facilities

Network Overview

IoT Network.png

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