IoT/Wearable Product Development Kits

24GHz MIMO Radar module Evaluation Kit

24GHz MIMO Radar module Evaluation Kit is a MIMO Radar module with Analog Devices ADF5901 24 GHz VCO and PGA with 2-Channel PA Output and ADF5904 4-Channel 24 GHz Receiver Downconverter. MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output) technology used in this module enables long-distance and wide-range azimuth detection.

IoT/M2M sensor shield with contactless strain sensor.

Wireless sensor network terminal with thin PV module.

A Bluetooth®, low-energy, small module compatible with the Konashi base board.

[EOL Notification Available] The Mpression Odyssey Bluetooth SMART Sensor Board is ideal for doing proof-of-concept experiments using this Internet of Things development platform.

[EOL Notification Available] The kit includes both the MAX 10 FPGA board and the Bluetooth® SMART Sensor board. They can be used singly or together, giving the designer many choices of processing capability when planning and developing their system.

IoT Sensor Shield for Konashi & Arduino.