Board Solutions

Mpression offers board solutions in the form of evaluation boards, development boards, and starter kits with ICs and components from the broad lineup of Macnica's franchised suppliers.

Mpression strives to provide a superior package of solutions leveraging expertise in key technologies such as FPGAs, processors, and interface devices, together with system-level technologies such as power and clock trees. Mpression completes the offering with expertise in signal integrity, intellectual property, and software support.

FPGA Evaluation/Development Boards

Intel® Cyclone® V GX Starter Board

System on Module with Intel® Cyclone® V SoC FPGA.

Intel® Cyclone® V GX multi I/O board.

Intel® Cyclone® V ST SoC Evaluation Board

Intel Agilex 5E production-grade system on a module ideal for development and product production.

Analog Power Evaluation

Reference Design for High Precision Buck and Invert Power Control

24V output isolated AC-DC power module

24V Output Isolated AC/DC Board for Industrial Applications

+/-12V Power Supply Reference Board for High-Precision, Ultra-Low Noise Analog Circuits

Daughter Cards with Various I/Os

100 BaseT-1 BroadR-Reach PHY, HD camera module, DisplayPort, audio I/F daughter card.

12G-SDI FMC card R

Expands to 8 channels of HD/3G/6G/12G multi-rate SDI interface

FMC daughter card for evaluation of 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI.

A daughter card to use with base boards with Altera FPGAs to attain Gigabit Ethernet.

FMC / HSMC daughter card to expand HDMI 2.0 interface

MMC plus interface type card with a 4GByte eMMC.

FMC daughter card with SFP+ connector for evaluation of High Speed Serial Transceivers in FPGA

FMC daughter card with SMP connector for evaluation of High Speed Serial Transceivers in FPGA.


HSMC daughter card for evaluation of Gigabit Ethernet equipped with Texas Instruments 1000Base-T Ethernet PHY



FMC daughter card for V-by-One HS IP core

HSMC daughter card for V-by-One HS IP core

IoT/Wearable Product Development Kits

24GHz MIMO Radar module Evaluation Kit

24GHz MIMO Radar module Evaluation Kit is a MIMO Radar module with Analog Devices ADF5901 24 GHz VCO and PGA with 2-Channel PA Output and ADF5904 4-Channel 24 GHz Receiver Downconverter. MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output) technology used in this module enables long-distance and wide-range azimuth detection.

IoT/M2M sensor shield with contactless strain sensor.

Wireless sensor network terminal with thin PV module.

A Bluetooth®, low-energy, small module compatible with the Konashi base board.

[EOL Notification Available] The Mpression Odyssey Bluetooth SMART Sensor Board is ideal for doing proof-of-concept experiments using this Internet of Things development platform.

[EOL Notification Available] The kit includes both the MAX 10 FPGA board and the Bluetooth® SMART Sensor board. They can be used singly or together, giving the designer many choices of processing capability when planning and developing their system.

IoT Sensor Shield for Konashi & Arduino.