EH-Terminal G2S

The EH-Terminal GS2 is a sensor terminal with Analog Devices SmartMesh IP which allows for an easy mesh network deployment just by turning on the power.

The sensor terminal has a built-in gas sensor capable of wirelessly sensing the total volatile organic compound (TVOC) as one of the atomospheric pollution environmental indexes. The sensor terminal is also equipped with a temperature/humidity sensor, light luminance sensor, and accelerometer.


  • Collects verious sensor data wirelessly through automatically healing mesh networks by connecting to the Analog Devices USB Network Manager DC227A attached to a PC or a gateway device.
  • Measures total volatile organic compound (TVOC), temperature, humidity, light luminance, and acceleration using the sensors onboard.
    • The VOCs released into the environment cause hazards to human health such as sick house syndrome
  • Capable of connecting to cloud using 3G or LTE Cat.4 cellular networks through the CandyPi Lite board and a gateway with the Candy Pi Lite+ module from Candy Line, Inc.

Network Connection

  • EH-Terminal-connectionsADI Stargazer network topologyBy connecting a host USB Network Manager DC2274A (Analog Devices) to a PC or Gateway, the terminal devices automatically form a mesh network and start collecting various sensor data.
  • Once configured, the mesh network is automatically optimized even if the wireless environment temporarily deteriorates thanks to the self-healing function.
  • When the wireless network environment is unstable, installing additional devices automatically adds more network paths, resulting in optimizing existing mesh networks and reducing the user burden related to installation.


Dimensions 115mm x 69mm x 28mm
Wireless Communication 2.4GHz Analog Devices SmartMesh IP
Built-in Sensors
  • Accelerometer (ADXL362)
    • 3-axis, ±2 g, ±4 g, ±8 g
  • Gas Sensor (SGPC3)
    • 0~60,000 ppb
  • Temperature & Humidity (SHT31)
    • Temperature accuracy (Typ) = ±0.2ºC @ 0~90ºC
    • Humidity accuracy (Typ) = ±2% @ 0~100% RH
  • Illuminance
    • Peak sensitivity wavelength: 550 nm
Power Supply

2 x AA batteries (not included)

Operational Temperature Range 0~50ºC
Data Transmission Cycle 30 sec. at initial setting (can be changed with the included data logger software)

EH-Terminal G2S Starter Kit

  • 1 x USB Host Adaptor (DC2274A)
  • 2 x EH-Terminal G2S (Sensor Device)
  • Data logger software

EH-Terminal G2S

  • Additional single Sensor Device

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