24V Output Isolated AC/DC Board with LT8315

The Mpression 24V Output Isolated AC/DC Board with LT8315 is a reference board specially developed for industrial control applications.

In drive systems designs, it is common to have the power supplied to both motors and control boards through high capacity AC/DC isolated power supply. This reference board was designed to be referenced in the designs for systems to prevent effects on control boards from troubles on other motor-related circuitry with separate power supply.

This reference board is designed using Analog Devices isolated power controller (LT8315) and Wurth Elektronik general-purpose transformer (7508110419). The availability of transformers is often a problem for using an isolated voltage controller, but this design is more easily adopted for a long product life of industrial systems as it uses a general-purpose transformer. 

LT8315 Features

  • High voltage flyback converter with an integrated 630V / 300mA switch
  • Operates with 18V to 560V input range
  • Supplies maximum of 15W
  • Sampling isolated output voltage directly from the primary-side flyback waveform
    • Regulates output voltage without a tertiary winding and an optoisolator
  • Quasi-resonant boundary mode operation improves load regulation, reduces transformer size and maintains high efficiency


Input Voltage 90-265 VAC
Output Voltage 24 V 
Output Current 140 mA 


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