Odyssey "How-To" Videos

Macnica offers short 2-10 minute videos to help you get up and running quickly with your Odyssey Bluetooth SMART Sensor Kit. These videos currently include these topics:

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Odyssey Kit Operation and Demo Including Interacting With It Using The Odyssey Smartphone App

Whether you are collecting and processing data, controlling a remote device, or just adding extra hardware processing to an industrial or IoT design, MAX 10 FPGAs offer outstanding value and have the features and capability you need to achieve your design goals.

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How To Create and Download a Personality To The Odyssey Kit

This How To video will describe the basic steps for creating Odyssey personalities that require an FPGA design. It features a walk-through of the steps for creating a working personality users can operate from their phone or tablet. The MAX 10 FPGA design image will be taken from the design example.

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How To Generate a MAX 10 FPGA JBC Programming File

In order to program the Mpression Odyssey FPGA and BLE Sensor kit MAX 10 FPGA, the default SOF programming file must be converted to the JAM Byte Code format, a JBC file. This How To video will show you the quick steps necessary to make this conversion.

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How To Update/Change the MAX 10 FPGA Configuration File

In this How To video you will see how to update an existing Personality with a new FPGA design for Mpression Odyssey MAX 10 FPGA and BLE Sensor kit.

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Example Applications: Track Rover and Quadcopter

This video shows a couple of example designs that use the Mpression Odyssey MAX 10 FPGA and BLE Sensor Kit for processing and control. The track rover uses a customized Odyssey phone app for control that was created using the Odyssey web utility and without writing a single line of code!

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