SLVS-EC Rx IP provides SLVS-EC interface for Altera FPGA to receive image sensor data. SLVS-EC is Sony’s upcoming high-speed interface for next-generation high-resolution CMOS image sensors. This standard is tolerant of lane-to-lane skew because of embedded clock technology, so that it makes a board level design very easy in terms of high-speed and long distance transmission.


  • Compliant with SLVS-EC Specification Version 1.2/2.0
  • Supports various functions defined by the SLVS-EC Link layer (Altera PCS/PMA is used as Physical layer)
  • Supports Byte-to-Pixel conversion for various lane-configurations
  • Supports Header analysis and Payload error detection


Function Description
Number of Lanes 1, 2, 4, 6, 8
Baud Grade 1, 2, 3*
Bit per Pixel 8, 10, 12, 14, 16
CRC Limited*
ECC Option 1
Embedded Data Supported
Dynamic Mode Change Supported
Multiple Stream If needed

* Baud Grade 3 is supported by only after 10 series.

* CRC: The operating frequency may not be achievable depending on the speed grade, number of lanes, and other factors of the FPGA used.

* Please contact Macnica sales department about unsupported functions and limitations.

Supported Devices

  • Cyclone V GX
  • Cyclone 10 GX
  • Arria 10 GX

* Please contact Macnica sales department about other devices.


  • Encrypted RTL (Verilog HDL)
  • Reference design
  • Simulation environment (For ModelSim)
  • User's manual, Reference manual, Simulation manual

Device Resource Utilization

Resource Utilization for 8lane full configuration (including both Transceiver and IP)

Items Cyclone® V GX Arria® 10 GX
w/o ECC w/ECC w/o ECC w/ECC
ALMs 4711 8242 3930 7555
Total Registers 4328 6664 3778 6079
Total block memory bits 4096 13312 2560 11776

*  The above values are estimated resource utilization of the IP and Transceivers. They may vary depending on your system configuration.

Evaluation / Demonstration

This IP can be evaluated and demonstrated using our EasyMVC Machine Vision Camera Development Kit.

SLVS-EC evaluation on EasyMVC


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