USB 3.0 Interface Card SV (Discontinued)

USB3SV (透過済)2_0.gif

USB 3.0 Interface Board on which Cypress's USB3.0 controller "EZ-USB® FX3™" is mounted supports Intel® High-Speed Mezzanine Connector (HSMC), and then supports Intel's development kits via HSMC. By using the USB 3.0 Interface Card SV, customers can implement USB 3.0 interface easily in their system.


Main device EZ-USB FX3 (CYUSB3014-BZXI)
Clock device RIVER ELETEC FCXO-05 19.2MHz
Interface USB3.0 (Type B、Micro Connector), Headers (UART、I2S、I2C)
Other Features Evaluating USB3.0 with Intel® FPGA by connecting FPGA development kit through HSMC interface which is expansible.
Having a fully configurable General Programmable Interface (GPIF II), it can be connected to Intel's FPGA, a USB Video Class (UVC) reference design developed by Macnica, and Cypress's EZ-USB FX3™ USB 3.0 controller to enable Full HD (1920 x 1080@60fps) uncompressed high quality video streaming.

Video Input Evaluation Environment

By using Microtronix HDMI HSMC Card (option), it is possible to evaluate video live with USB 3.0 like a composition example below with Cyclone® IV GX FPGA Development kit.

C4GX+USB+HDMI=Top (透過済)2_0.gif

Block Diagram


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