MIPI LCD Card (Discontinued)


The MIPI LCD Card is a daughter card with Ortus Technology's TFT-LCD monitor (COM48H4M87ULC) and Meticom's MIPI D-PHY DSI Transmitter (MC20002), Texas Instruments DVI Receiver (TFP401A) and THine Electronics TTL/CMOS to V-by-One®HS conversion IC (THCV217).

This transmissive TFT-LCD monitor from Ortus has excellent image quality and outdoor visibility, created with a breakthrough "HAST" high-transmittance panel and unique optical design making use of reflective outdoor light.

This card has a HSMC connector to connect with Intel® development kits or Mpression's various base boards such as Helio, Beryll, Hydra and Nitro. Video streams are input to this MIPI LCD card from DVI connector, then to the DVI Receiver (TFP401A) and converted to V-by-One HS using the V-by-One®HS conversion IC (THCV217) and then transmitted into an Intel® FPGA on the base board via HSMC. The video streams are now converted to MIPI D-PHY DSI within the FPGA using the IP from Northwest Logic and finally output to HSMC connector then to the MIPI-compatible TFT-LCD monitor via MIPI D-PHY DSI Transmitter (MC20002).

A sample design is provided for complete MIPI Display Serial Interface (DSI) solution for small to medium-sized, high-resolution panel applications using this card and FPGA board with HSMC connector.


MIPI D-PHY Connector ATX526124(Panasonic Corporation)
MIPI D-PHY DSI Transmitter MC20002(Meticom GmbH)
DVI Receiver TFP401A(Texas Instruments, Inc)
THCV217(THine Electronics, Inc)
Other Interface DVI
Expansion Connector HSMC
Size (W/D) 78mm x 156 mm

Block Diagram

MIPI LCD Card_block.png

Demo Connection Example

This card (ALTHSMCMIPILCD) provides MIPI® DSI evaluation environment connected Hydra (ALTHYDRA5CGX), Nitro (ALTNITROC5GX)& other Intel FPGA platform via HSMC connector. We also offering DVI to MIPI DSI Demo design for this card with Intel FPGA platform.

Demo Design   

Receive image data from DVD player, display it to the LCD module through MIPI DSI with Hydra (ALTHYDRA5CGX), Nitro (ALTNITROC5GX) Cyclone V GX board.

Design Component

  • Northwest Logic MIPI DSI IP Core
  • V-by-One®HS Receiver IP
  • DSI IP core control logic and LCD panel control logic
  • 90 degrees rotary module and Intel VIP

MIPI LCD_Demo Image_0.jpg

MIPI LCD_FPGA Demo Design_Block.png

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