Odyssey Personality - MAX 10 Remote Control


This personality allows the user remote monitoring of the Odyssey Max10 FPGA board switches and allows remote control of the Odyssey Max10 FPGA board LEDs.

How To Use

Simply press the LED control buttons to output different patterns to the LEDs. The DIP Switch and Pushbutton read buttons in the App allow the status of those components on the Max10 board to be displayed.

MAX10 remote personality1.png

How It Works

The app communicates with the Broadcom BLE module indicating which buttons have been pressed. Each app button has a set of I2C-compatible commands associated with it that are executed when the button is pressed. All commands between the app and Max10 are executed this way. I2C-compatible reads return data to the app and that is displayed (such as the pushbutton status).

This could design can easily be expanded to control the pins on the Max10 board which could in turn be used to control other portions of a design.

More Info

Description Download
Personality configuration file for MAX 10 Remote personality
RTL source code files for MAX 10 Remote personality
Quartus II project files for MAX 10 Remote personality