Embedded Technology 2015

Yokohama, Japan
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Yokohama, October 4, 2015 - Macnica, Inc. today announced that it is exhibiting at Embedded Technology 2015 to be held at Pacifico Yokohama from November 18 to 20, 2015. Macnica booth showcases the embedded, security and ICT technologies by combining necessary elements for IoT in the form of proof of concept by Mpression, in addition to the FPGA solutions that Mpression has offered to the embedded technology market. IoT systems require collection and integration of various technology elements ranging from sensor data collection to data processing, wireless data transfer, data storage in cloud environment, security of the data and network, big data analysis and visualization.

Macnica, the technical distribution company, combines the expertise derived from both of its semiconductor and networking business domains to demonstrate the technologies needed in all levels of IoT systems as "Mpression IoT PoC." Macnica also presents at the technology conference in the IoT track with the title "Security requirement and countermeasure for IoT embedded system." Kenji Ohno from Macnica, Inc. and Taiji Koike from Macnica Networks Corp. discuss the necessary security features for IoT and the countermeasures against the security threats. (November 20, 4:00-4:45, Track # F205)

Exhibition Outline

Title Embedded Technology 2015 (http://www.jasa.or.jp/expo/english/)
Date November 18 (Wed.) - 20 (Fri.), 2015
Venue PACIFICO YOKOHAMA (http://www.pacifico.co.jp/english/)
Concurrent Event IoT Technology 2015

Macnica Booth (A-16)

Sensor Device & Gateway Zone

Mpression's various sensor equipped development kits will be showcased together with the gateway devices to transfer the sensor data to the Internet.

  • Koshian: BLE module
  • Konashi: Physical computing kit
  • Uzuki: Light/temp/humidity/accelerometer sensor shield
  • Hazuki: Haptics/temp sensor shield
  • Kanazuki: Gesture/temp/atmospheric pressure sensor shield
  • Odyssey: FPGA/sensor/BLE IoT kit
  • EH-Terminal: Energy harvesting sensor terminal
  • Kibo (CiP-1): Inductive sensor shield

Security & Cloud Zone

This zone showcases various solutions necessary for device and cloud security and data center for IoT infrastructure that Macnica and Macnica Networks Corp. offer.

  • Arxan Technologies: Software application protection solutions
  • Intel Security: Device and enterprise security
  • Tanium: Endpoint security
  • GitHub Enterprise: Software development collaboration platform for enterprise
  • Aruba Networks: Enterprise WiFi access point
  • Juniper Networks: Data center switch
  • Viptera: Software defined WAN
  • Violin Memory: Flash storage array
  • Nutanix: Hyperconverged Infrastructure for IoT
  • Altera: FPGA acceleration

Monitoring Zone

This zone showcases monitoring and visualization solutions for IoT centralized data. The big screen in the zone visualizes data from sensor devices located in Macnica's 13 major worldwide locations.

  • Splunk: Real-time Operational Intelligence Engine

Applications Showcase

Smart Life Area

This area demonstrates the use cases of Mpression IoT/BLE solutions for smart home and wearable applications.

  • Smart Lock
  • Communication robot
  • Wireless coffee machine
  • Smart wooden cup for "sake"
  • Wireless electric fan control
  • Smart toy, etc...

Industrial Area

This area showcases Mpression's FPGA technologies targeted at industrial applications including factory automation, medical equipment, broadcasting, test & measurement and surveillance.

  • Sodia board: Altera Cyclone V GT SoC development board
  • H8S IP Core: Altera MAX10 implementation of Renesas H8S MCU core
  • IF.HOTARU: Mpression's IP Core for high speed data transfer at 8Gbps

Automotive Area

This area introduces Mpression's FPGA based demos targeted at automotive applications such as surround view and synchronized Ethernet.

  • Surround View: Surround view demo using Mpression Nitro board and 6 cameras
  • BroadR-Reach: Synchronized Ethernet demo using Mpression Nitro boards and Broadcom's BroadR-Reach twisted pair Ethernet network