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100BASE-T1 HSMC Card

100BASE-T1 HSMC Card

The 100BASE-T1 HSMC Card is an extension card having BroadR-Reach® 100BASE-T PHY, HD Image Sensor camera module, DisplayPort® interface, and Audio CODEC, for various FPGA development kits with High Speed Mezzanine Card (HSMC) connector defined by Intel®.

You can get started quickly with the evaluation of video transfer using HD camera and BroadR-Reach because this product includes a twisted pair cable for BroadR-Reach and a HD camera module.
(Note: The opposit device of BroadR-Reach interface is required for network evaluation)


Main devices: 
BROADCOM BroadR-Reach PHY BCM89810
Analog Devices Audio Codec ADAU1961
Shikino High-Tec HD Image sensor camera module KBCR-S02TXG-HPB1022
HSMC(High-Speed Mezzanine Card) connector
BroadR-Reach connector
Display Port connector
Audio IN/OUT Jack
Power devices:  Enpirion: EN6337QI, ER3125QI, EY1501DI-ADJ
Other:  Include a 2m twisted pair cable for BroadR-Reach

Sample design of evaluation system

You can evaluate the various interfaces of the 100BASE-T1 HSMC Card by connecting it to Mpression Nitro (not included in this product).

100BASE-T1 HSMC Card100BASE-T1 HSMC Card

Block diagram

100BASE-T1 HSMC Card Block diagram

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