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12G-SDI FMC Card


The 12G-SDI FMC Card is a daughter card that is expandable to an SDI interface with 4 channels that have multi-rates (SD-SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI/6G-SDI/12G-SDI). These expansions are possible by combining Intel's Arria® 10 GX FPGA Development Kit and another FPGA board that is compliant with the FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) Standard.

  • Quad SDI inputs/outputs, a sync reference input
  • Right-angle type BNC connectors are used in an input/output and a sync reference input
  • External reference clock for FPGA transceiver can be supplied through an SMP connector

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 Items Specifications & parts names
 Power Supply  3.3 V, 1.8 V (VADJ), 12 V
 External Dimensions  69.0 mm x 154.5 mm
 PCB Material/Number of Layers  FR-4/6 layers
 SDI Interface  Input x4/output x4/reference input x1
 I2C Connector  I2C connector pins for external PC control
 SMP Connector  Clock differential input for FPGA internal transceiver x1
  Samtec's SMP-PS-P-GF-ST-TH2
 FMC Connector  Samtec's ASP-134488-01
 BNC Connector (Right Angle Type)  Hirose Electric's BLR-PC-12G
 BNC Connector (Straight Type)  Hirose Electric's BNC(75)-BPR-PC-12G
 12G-SDI Cable Driver/Reclocker  Texas Instruments' LMH1218
 12G-SDI Cable Equalizer/Reclocker  Texas Instruments' LMH1219
 Video Clock Generator  Texas Instruments' LMH1983
 Ultra-low Jitter Clock Generator  Texas Instruments' LMK03328
 SD/HD Video Sync Separator  Texas Instruments' LMH1981

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Reference Design

Reference Design ( Hardware design configuration)

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Product Name:12G-SDI FMC CARD
Part Number: 12GSDIFMCCD
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