12G-SDI FMC Card R

The 12G-SDI FMC card R is a daughter card that can be expanded to 8 channels of HD / 3G / 6G / 12G multi-rate SDI interface.
Each SDI channel can be configured as either an input or an output.
It has one BNC connector for external sync reference input and a pair of SMA connectors for external transceiver reference clock input.
The verified FPGA board of this card is the Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA Development Kit.

Top view of 12G-SDI FMC Card R



Specifications and Part Numbers
Product Name / Part Number 12G-SDI FMC CARD R / 12GSDIFMCCDR
Power Supply from FMC career 3.3V, 1.8V(VADJ), 12V
Dimensions 222.5mm x 69.0mm
SDI Interface Input/Output x8 (Direction is configurable)
SMA Connector

Differential clock input for FPGA transceiver reference clock x1 pair
Differential clock output from FPGA x1 pair
General purpose signal output from FPGA x1
TE connectivity : 5-1814832-1

BNC Connector SDI input/output port x8
Samtec : BNC7T-J-P-GN-ST-TH1
Reference input x1
TE Connectivity : 5-1634503-1
I2C Connector I2C connector pins for external PC control
12G-SDI Cable Driver/Equalizer Texas Instruments : LMH1297RTV
Video Clock Generator Texas Instruments : LMH1983SQE/NOPB
SD/HD Video Sync Separator Texas Instruments : LMH1981MTX/NOPB
Ultra-Low Jitter Clock Generator Texas Instruments : LMK03328RHS
Clock Multiplexer IDT/Renesas : 854S057BGILF

Packing List

M2.6 37mm Hexagonal Stainless Spacer 4
M2.6 10mm Hexagonal Stainless Spacer 2
M2.6 Pan Head Screw 6
Jumper Plug 4
Packing List / Precautions (Japanese) 1
Packing List / Precautions (English) 1


SDI connection overview

12G-SDI Card R Connection Overview

Clock Tree

12G-SDI Card R CLK Tree

Reference Design Block Diagram

12G-SDI FMC CARD R Ref-Design Block Diagram


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