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IEEE1588GE Card


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This card is a daughter card for expanding functions to support IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol standard, that complies with High-Speed Mezzanine Card specifications. By inserting this card into an evaluation board, you can use a variety of FPGA functions to evaluate Gigabit Ethernet concerning IEEE1588.
The evaluation board which has been verified to connect with this card so far is Macnica's Nitro – Cyclone® V GX I/O expansion base board.

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 Product Specifications  IEEE1588 GE Card
 External Dimensions  78.105 mm × 100.00 mm
 Printed circuit board  6-layer FR4
 HSMC  1
 Power Supply  3.3V、2.5V、1.8V、1.0V
 Gigabit Ethernet PHY  MARVELL 88E1512 x 2
 IDT clock  IDT 8T49N285
Interface  RJ45 x 2


Card Block Diagram

Evaluation Example

Nitro Board and IEEE1588 GE Card for Ping Test

Ordering Information

 Product Name:1588 GE MARVELL HSMC CARD
Part Number: 1588GEMVLHSMCCD
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