EasyMVC stands for Easy Machine Vision Camera. Machine Vision Camera Development Kit for both hardware engineers and software developers who work on machine vision systems.
This kit consists of three major parts, an image sensor board, an FPGA board, and an interface board. By changing the combination thereof, various sensors, IPs, interfaces, etc., which affect the performance of the machine vision system, can be evaluated without requiring any troublesome setup. In addition, sample designs of hardware and software are provided to help short-term and low-cost development. 


  • Evaluate key technologies making up machine vision cameras
    • Cutting-edge CMOS image sensors
    • Various Machine Vision interfaces
    • IP cores that Macnica offers
  • Make it easy to develop prototypes of machine vision camera
    • FPGA design
    • Firmware development
    • Development of Host PC software, etc.

Basic configuration

Basic Configuration

Target lineups and schedules

Product line up with a combination of sensor, FPGA, and Machine Vision interface.

Model Sensor FPGA MV Interface Release
EMV-UI420C/M IMX420 Cyclone10 GX UBS3 Vision / HDMI 2.0 Sep 2018
EMV-CI420C/M IMX420 Cyclone10 GX CoaXPress 1.1.1 Sep 2018
EMV-CII421C/M IMX421 Cyclone10 GX CoaXPress 2.0 Mar 2019 (TBD)
EMV-GIxxxC/M TBD Cyclone10 GX GigE Vision with IEEE1588 Mar 2019 (TBD)
EMV-GIIxxxC/M TBD Cyclone10 GX 10GigE Vision with IEEE1588E Feb 2019 (TBD)





USB3Vision/HDMI2.0 Model: EMV-UI420C/M

Hardware Image

EasyMVC Hardware Image

Key Features
  • Sensor Board
    • SONY IMX 420
      • SLVS-EC 8 Lane Outputs
      • Global Shutter
      • 7M pixels
  • FPGA Board
    • Intel Cyclone 10 GX
      • 10CX150YF780E5G
  • Interface Board
    • HDMI interface
      • For connection to TV Monitor
    • USB3.0 interface
      • For connection to PC
      • Support USB3 Vision
FPGA Design Block Diagram

FPGA Block diagram

Packaged items
  • Hardware
    • IMX420 CMOS sensor board
    • Cyclone 10 GX FPGA board
    • HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 Machine Vision interface board
  • Software
    • Sample Design
      • FPGA design
      • Software tools (for Windows)
        • GenICam middleware for evaluation
        • GenICam application
    • IP design for evaluation (Request basis)
      • SLVS-EC Rx
      • HDMI 2.0 Rx
      • USB3 Vision

CoaXPress1.1.1 Model: EMV-CI420C/M

Hardware Image

EasyMVC CoaXPress Model Image

Key Features
  • Sensor Board
    • Same Board as EMV-UI420C/M
  • FPGA Board
    • Same Board as EMV-UI420C/M
  • Interface Board
    • CoaXPress interface (DIN connector)
    • 25Gbps (6.25Gbps x4 connection)



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