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LVDS Interface Card

By using LVDS cables( BANDO DENSEN Co., Ltd.  )delivered with LVDS interface card, it enables LVDS interface evaluation with Intel® development kits.

Since this interface card is designed not only LVDS connectors for Tx(transmission) / Rx (receive) but HSMC connector for external cable connection, you will evaluate the other I/O pins function except LVDS pins with using with Terasic's HSMC High Speed Cable.

This LVDS interface card can easily provide you LVDS evaluation environment with Intel® development kit via HSMC connection.


Main Device: 
TI SN74LVC541APW (Level shift buffer)
TI PCA9306DCTR(I2C Level shift buffer)
HSMC Connector: 
Samtec ASP-122952-01(Port A)        
Samtec ASP-122953-01(Port B)
LVDS Connector:  JAE Electronics FI-RE51S-HF

Evaluation environment sample

By using the delivered LVDS cable, it enables that not only simple Tx (transmission) / Rx ( receiver ) evaluation but both Tx & Rx  verification simultaneously through loop-back evaluation without external board connection.

Block Diagram