BetelmaGiCs GenICam Software Package

GenICam Software Package is a software IP that fully complies with GenICam standards. Adopting this software IP, users can easily develop their application software on GenICam.

GenICam is a standard formulated by EMVA (European Machine Vision Association). EMVA standardized the software interface defining common API to control different interfaces of cameras such as GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, CoaXpress TM , etc. in the same way.



  • Compliant with EMVA GenICam standard
  • Flexible design that allows selection of different interfaces (GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, etc.) without changing application software.
  • Compliant with GenICam GenTL standard (allows operation using GenICam compatible third-party applications)
  • Specific features of GigE Vision interface
    • Connection of multiple GigE Vision cameras to a single host PC. Achieves 995 Mbps maximum transfer rate for each camera
    • Packet re-transmission, chunk data transfer


  • Compliant with EMVA GenICam Standard Version 2.0
  • Compatible Interfaces
    • GigE Vision Standard Version 1.2/2.0
    • USB3 Vision Standard Version 1.01 (Scheduled)
    • Embedded Vision (Scheduled)

Supported Operating Systems

  • Microsoft ®  Windows ®  7 Professional SP1 64Bit
  • Microsoft ®  Windows ®  10 Pro 64Bit
  • Linux (Scheduled)

(* Please contact Macnica sales department for information about other operating systems.)


  • GenICam software (Binary)
  • Sample application (Source)
  • User’s manual, etc.

Evaluation Environment


Software Configuration


  • GenApi Library
    GenApi Library is provided by EMVA. It controls camera description files acquired from devices
  • GenTL Producer Core
    This software IP complies with GenICam GenTL standards. Applications access hardware via GenApi or this interface
  • GenTL Producer Technology
    • For GigE Vision
      Block that includes GigE Vision specific processes
    • For USB3 Vision
      Block that includes USB3 Vision specific processes

All software required by the GenICam standard is provided, so users can focus on application development.

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