Sulfur SOM & Carrier Board

Macnica’s engineering team has developed a feature-rich kit based on a production-ready SoM with Intel’s Agilex 5E FPGA with 656 KLEs. This kit includes substantial professional video interfaces, mobile interfaces, generous memory, networking, and direct access to I/O and transceivers. The CoaXPress and SLVS-EC video IP are also from the Macnica mPRESSION team, following their 10-year history of advanced FPGA IP development.

Macnica’s Sulfur kit is an ideal platform for high-end video, medical video, machine vision, robotics, sensor integration, edge, and AI computing, and almost all industrial applications. The production-ready SoM gives developers an avenue for future Agilex 5 upgrades, as well as a core processing component for quick turnaround products or prototypes.

The production-grade SOM includes the largest capacity Agilex® 5E part with 656 KLEs, multiple powerful dual-core ARM® Cortex® processors, DDR4, PCIe Gen4, 24 transceivers, and a host of high-speed interfaces along with GPIO.


Agilex 5E Dev Kit

Sulfur Agilex 5 E Development Kit Highlights

  • Production-ready SOM

    • Intel Agilex 5E device: A5ED065BB32A

      • 656 KLEs, 24 transceiver channels

    • Future Agilex 5 Upgrades

    • Drop-in Product/Proto core processing

  • Substantial Memory

    • 3x LPDDR4 banks: 4GB each

    • eMMC: 32GB

    • SD card slot

  • High End Video Interfaces

    • HDMI 2.0

    • CoaXPress

    • 2x Camera Link

    • SLVS-EC

  • Versatile Networking & Access

    • 3x 10/100/1000 Ethernet

    • 10GbE

    • TSN with timing connectivity

  • Mobile Interfaces

    • 4x MIPI CSI-2

    • 2x CAN

  • Direct I/O & User Connectivity

    • 10x SMA’s for Transceivers/Ref clock

    • 40-pin GPIO connector

  • PCIe Gen3 x4

Macnica’s Sulfur Kit is the ideal platform for various applications, including but not limited to:

  • High-end video processing
  • Medical video applications
  • Machine vision
  • Robotics
  • Sensor integration
  • Edge and AI computing
  • Industrial applications

Macnica Agilex® 5 E-Series SOM Dev Kit Features

Agilex5 Sulfur baseboard and som

Agilex5e dev kit features list



Macnica Agilex® 5 E-Series SOM Features

Sulfur Agilex 5 E SOMMacnica Agilex 5 E SOM features

Sulfur Agilex 5 E Development Kit Block Diagram


Agilex 5e Carrier Board Block Diagram

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