Macnica to Start Hardware Mass Production Support Program for "Makers" in Collaboration with VAIO

Yokohama, February 4th, 2016 - Macnica, Inc. today announced that it expands Mpression for MAKERS program – an attempt to support "makers" with hardware technical solutions, and starts hardware mass production support program for "makers" in collaboration with VAIO Corporation.

As a leading technical distributor for semiconductor and electronics components Macnica has supported hardware engineers in electronics sourcing with in-depth technical support. In addition, Macnica started to offer its original prototyping kits under the brand and service of Mpression for MAKERS for software engineers and web designers who play in "makers" communities. To support these new type of customers Macnica started Macnica Online Store and provided various design resources open to public and technical support through Macnica Forum, in addition to the procurement channel of the semiconductor devices and development kits. In the hardware design phase at the customers Macnica offer technical support services for "makers" to attain DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and prototyping with consideration for QCD (quality, cost and delivery) in the early stage of the design for successful production launch.

On the other hand, "makers" have desires for solutions to realize their products in the speed and cost that have never seen among traditional electronics manufacturers while the "maker movement" heats up with ever evolving infrastructure and environment supporting the business development for "makers" with the emergence of low cost 3D printers, open source hardware and crowd funding.

Under such circumstances Macnica expanded offerings of Mpression for MAKERS services and start the hardware mass production support program for IoT and robotics fields for "makers" together with VAIO.

VAIO has a long history and know-hows in design and manufacturing of PC and robots with all the processes of product planning, design, component procurement, manufacturing and assembly, quality management, supply chain management and servicing. The most notable technical competencies at VAIO to make its brand are "high density assembly" and "heat dissipation" technologies, in addition to its "upstream design" methodologies to productize from the very early stage of product concepts gathering all related divisions of the company. VAIO announced of its new business plan of contributing to Japan's electronics industry by offering those assets for outside startups and business partners who want to expand their product offerings. This plan comes across with the needs at "makers" who want to productize ideas into products.

In this collaboration, Macnica plays a role to bridge the "makers" with VAIO to provide all the necessary functions and know-hows required for mass production, in addition to the existing services of offering idea generation and development support. "Makers" will receive VAIO's services backed by its quality and reliability of the products at the high standard expected as a Japanese manufacturer. Macnica strives to support the expansion of new type of hardware manufacturing in Japan.