Macnica to launch "IoT mesh network starter kit"

YOKOHAMA, Japan (Sept 7, 2016) – Macnica, Inc., a leading global technical distributor for semiconductor and networking products, today announced the availability of its IoT mesh network starter kit. This kit is sold through Altima corp. that is subsidiary of Macnica.

IoT Mesh starter kit contents

  • EH-Terminal-B x 5 sys / Base unit x 1 sys - Wireless sensor device for indoor application -
  • Data logger - Windows applicatoin log acquisition
  • Getting Started - Include instruction of data vidualization using "Splunk" machine data platform
  • Launch Date:Sept 7, 2016

In a IoT market,up to 50 billions of IoT sensor devices will be connected by 2020.
These devices will communicate with each devices via wireless network. Therefore, new business models that the storaged data from IoT sensor devices will be analyzed and creates new values are expected.

Macnca is now prpvide "Mpression IoT solution" to solve IoT issues. Mpression IoT solution includes IoT PoC (Integrate Device, Gateway and Cloud platform)and each devices.

Promoting Mpression IoT solution activity, Macnica figure that IoT starters expects to build highly-trusted and robust mesh network in the field. IoT mesh network starter kit is right device to solve the issue.

For mesh network device, Dust Networks of Linear Technologies is implemented.