USB3 Vision™ Device Package

The USB3 Vision Device Package is an IP package to transfer image data complying with USB3 Vision standard. The IP transmits image data from the image sensor to the host computer in real time. High-speed transmission is possible because of USB 3.0 adoption for the communication interface. In addition, any commercially available GenICam compatible applications can control the IP because of its GenICam compliance.

Perfect for high-resolution, high-reliability machine vision cameras, medical imaging systems, and other applications that demand maximized USB 3.0 performance.


  • Compliant with USB3 Vision Standard Version 1.01.
  • Reference XML file containing camera description based on EMVA GenICam Standard Version 3.0.1 is packaged. Users can start evaluation by using their third-party GenICam applications immediately after purchase. (available soon)
  • USB 3.0 Protocol Stack Macnica developed, USBDmAcs TM  is integrated, which creates a highly reliable USB 3.0 environment.



  • Compliant with USB3 Vision Standard Version 1.01
  • Compliant with EMVA GenICam Standard Version 3.0.1
    (A middleware for Windows Macnica developed and named “BetelmaGiCs GenICam Software” complying with the GenICam standard is also available from Macnica.)
  • Image data (RAW, YUV, RGB, etc.) and chunk data transfer

Supported Devices

  • Cyclone V + Cypress EZ-USB ®  FX3 TM

* Please contact Macnica sales department for information about other devices.


  • Encrypted RTL (Verilog HDL)
  • USB3 Vision Device FW Library for Nios II processor
  • USB 3.0 Protocol Stack “USBDmAcs” for Cypress EZ-USB FX3
  • Reference environment (sample hardware design, firmware application, XML file)
  • User’s manual

* Please contact Macnica sales department for information about other deliverables.

Configuration Diagram


Evaluation Environment


Category Product Name Vendor
Base Board Nitro – Cyclone V GX I/O Expansion Base Board Mpression
Daughter Card USB 3.0 Interface Card SV Mpression
Daughter Card HDMI Receiver/Transmitter HSMC Daughter Card(Option) Microtronix

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