V-by-One HS FMC Card


V-by-One® HS is a leading-edge high-speed interface technology for flat panel display market developed by THine Electronics, Inc.
This daughter card can be used to verify V-by-One® HS Interface by connecting to FMC connector of Intel FPGA development board with V-by-One® HS Tx/Rx IP implemented. In addition to V-by-One® HS Tx/Rx IP, you can also verify transceivers built in FPGA.

For your V-by-One® HS verification, in addition to preparing the Intel® FPGA Development Board, you need to obtain a license (for evaluation or production) of Macnica V-by-One® HS Tx/Rx IP in advance.

The development board verified by Macnica for connection with this card is Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA development kit.


Interface FMC Intel®+, FX16 connecter by HIROSE ELECTRIC
Main devices Silicon Labs Si5338B, Si5317
Others Can be connected to the evaluation board with FMC Intel®LPC+.

Support 16 pairs of V-by-One® HS interface
Support V-by-One® HS IP developed by Macnica

Evaluation Environment Example

Using the included FFC cable, you can evaluate both Tx and Rx at the same time by loopback connection with only one set of development kit and card, without preparing a separate kit for interconnection.



Block Diagram


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