V-by-One® HS Tx IP / V-by-One® HS Rx IP

V-by-One® HS IP is an IP to achieve V-by-One HS high-speed video interface technology. V-by-One® HS is a standard for next-generation high-speed interface technology developed by THine Electronics for image and video equipment requiring higher frame rates and higher resolutions. Implementing the V-by-One HS IP in Altera FPGA reduces the number of signals compared with conventional LVDS interfaces, which greatly reduces product cost.


  • Achieves 4-Gbps maximum transmission rate per lane (however, depends on the FPGA used)
  • Supports custom video formats as well as VESA, SMPTE, and other standardized formats
  • Supports flexible multi-lane designs in accordance with user's total transmission rate requirement
  • Self-check function (FieldBET) to test connectivity between transmitter and receiver IPs


  Transmitter IP Receiver IP
Lane 1~32
Pixel Data 24,32,40 bit
Self Test Function FieldBET Pattern Generator FieldBET Pattern Checker

Supported Devices

  • Cyclone®   IV GX
  • Cyclone V GX/GT
  • Cyclone 10 GX
  • Arria®  II GX
  • Arria V GX
  • Arria 10 GX
  • Stratix®  IV GX
  • Stratix V GX
  • Stratix 10 (H/L-Tile)

          * Please contact Macnica sales department about other devices.


  • Encrypted RTL (Verilog HDL)
  • Reference design
  • Simulation environment (For ModelSim)
  • User's manual
  • Reference design user's guide

Device Resource Utilization

IP Lane Cyclone IV GX Arria II GX Stratix IV GX      
LE Register Block
ALUT Register Block
ALUT Register Block
TX 2 3946 2782 0 1933 2782 0 1933 2782 0      
RX 2 6477 4949 0 2574 4949 0 2574 4949 0      
IP Lane Cyclone V GX Arria V GX Stratix V GX Arria 10 GX
LE Register Block
ALUT Register Block
ALUT Register Block
ALUT Register Block
TX 2 1598 2977 0 1603 2964 0 1635 2959 0 1674 2976 0
RX 2 2273 5416 0 2274 5377 0 2259 5351 0 2528 5218 0

*  The values in the above table are based on an implementation example. There may be some variation depending on the user’s system configuration.Configuration Diagram

Configuration Diagram


Evaluation Environment


Category Product Name Vendor
Main Board Arria 10 GX FPGA Development Board Intel®
Daughter Card V-by-One HS DVI FMC Card Mpression

Evaluation Board

v-by-one hs cards
V-by-One HS HSMC Card (8-lane) V-by-One HS FMC Card (16-lane) V-by-One HS DVI FMC Card


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