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Hydra – Car Infortainment FPGA Development Board


Hydra(ALTHYDRAC5GX) is I/O companion board for Renesas's 2nd generation Car Infortainment SoC "R-Car H2".

Using ALERA's Cyclone® V GX FPGA – the Lowest cost & Lowest power 28nm FPGA with  automotive temperature grade device, I/O function & image processing extensible platform of Car infotainment SoC for new interface or additional function.

Available for video interface cable, LVDS daughter card and Configuration card, these optional accessories enables to connect to Resesas's LAGER board of R-Car H2 and evaluate video input extension, new interface or none supported function in SoC.

Also, Hydra accepts stand-alone evaluation for FPGA verification purpose.



5CGXFC7C6U19A7N (Automotive temperature grade device)

CPLD: 5M1270ZT144A5N (Automotive temperature grade device)
Memory: N25Q064A13ESFA0F(Flash), MT41J64M16JT-15E IT:G (DDR3)
Power: LT3507AIUHF#PBF, LT3692AIUH#PBF, LTC3634IUFD#PBF, LTC3810IUH-5#PBF(Available for automotive device migration)
Ethernet PHY: DP83848HSQ/NOPB
Interface:  HSMC、EXIO (for LAGER board), 10/100 Ethernet, PCIe Gen1 x1
Others: Enabling to evaluate some interface or image processing through not only LAGER board connection via EXIO port but also using original or 3rd party's daughter card with HSMC interface. Optional accessories available for LAGER connection, video interface cable, LVDS daughter card and Configuration daughter card.

Optional Accessories Features


Samtec connector for EXIO, Connect to Hydra and LAGER through each EXIOs
LVDS Daughter Card (ALTHYDRALVDS) LVDS Rx(Receive)&Tx(Transmission)connector, Connect to LAGER's LVDS and Hydra's EXIO by using an attached LVDS cable
Configuration Daughter Card (ALTHYDRACONFG): Mounting PFL connector & EXIO, Connect to LAGER's EXIO and Hydra' PFL connector by using an attached configuration cable

Block Diagram


Evaluation Example