Odyssey Bluetooth® SMART Sensor Board

The Mpression Odyssey Bluetooth SMART Sensor Board is ideal for doing proof-of-concept experiments using this Internet of Things development platform (IoT eval kit). It is included in the Odyssey MAX 10 FPGA and BLE Sensor Kit.  

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  • Broadcom Bluetooth® SMART (BLE) connectivity module
  • Silicon Labs UV and ambient light, proximity, heart rate, and blood oximetry sensor
  • Silicon Labs temperature and humidity sensor
  • Analog Devices Accelerometer
  • Silicon Labs low-power USB-enabled EFM32 Gecko microcontroller
  • Sensor expansion through I2C compatible interface

This board can be used as a stand-alone Bluetooth SMART sensor platform powered by either a CR2032 coin-cell battery and the Odyssey battery board or through a micro-USB cable.

The board can also be connected to the Odyssey MAX 10 FPGA board and used as a combined platform with FPGA processing, sensors, and Bluetooth SMART connectivity powered by a micro-USB cable.

View a teardown of the Odyssey Bluetooth SMART Sensor board and learn more about the devices used:

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